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Gustaf Molander

En kvinnas ansikte (A Woman's Face)

100' - 1938 - Drama - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Gustaf Molander Composer: Eric Bengtson With: Ingrid Bergman, Tore Svennberg, Anders Henrikson
In childhood Anna Holm sustained a hideous facial scar which has marred her adult life. Embittered and emotionally deadened, she has taken to leading a ring of blackmailers. She encounters Torsten Barring, a scheming aristocrat who senses her loneliness and emotional vulnerability and wins her over, with the thought that she may be useful to him in the future. When Anna meets a plastic surgeon who, noting her pitifully scarred features, suggests a complicated and painful operation, new challenges in her life emerge. After a successful operation Anna goes to Barring hoping that now there will be a possibility of a life for them together, but he has other ideas.

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Gustaf Molander


Eric Bengtson


Ingrid Bergman, Tore Svennberg, Anders Henrikson


Gösta Stevens, Stina Bergman, Ragnhild Prim

Director of Photography

Åke Dahlqvist


Oscar Rosander

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Il était une fois..." (Francis de Croisset)



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