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Alejandro Agresti

El amor es una mujer gorda (Love is a Fat Woman)

Edition 1988
82' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Alejandro Agresti Composer: Paul M. van Brugge With: Elio Marchi, Sergio Poves Campos, Carlos Roffé
A sincere, well-filmed filmic cry in the wilderness, this Love is a Fat Woman proves young helmer Agresti to have an Orson Wellesian taste for odd-angle shots, but also an eye for irony and humour which make palatable his story of a social misfit and loser who cannot come to grips with the complacency in his country and in the world. José is a kind of drifter and sometime journalist who can never simply draw the line at his assignments. When his editor asks him to cover a documentary on Argentina being filmed by some Yanks, José's ire bursts forth at what he considers to be the filmic exploitation of the poor. He tries to stop the lensing. Subsequently finding himself out of a job, out of bis boarding house and penniless, he seeks out old friends while ranting at the world's apathy. He still is
pining for a former flame , still 'missing' from the days of the dictatorship. (Besa. in Variety, 7.10.1987)

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Alejandro Agresti


Paul M. van Brugge


Elio Marchi, Sergio Poves Campos, Carlos Roffé


Alejandro Agresti

Director of Photography

Alejandro Agresti


René Wiegmans


Liliana Cascante, Cesar Maidana

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Countries of production

Argentina, The Netherlands



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