09 20 Oct '24
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Youssef Chahine

El Akhar (The Other)

105' - 1999 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Arabic, French
Director: Youssef Chahine Composer: Yehia El Mougy With: Hanan Turk, Hani Salama, Nabila Ebeid
Adam and Hanane are deeply infatuated with each other. She, an Egyptian of modest parents, is a journalist. She works for a campaign against a wealthy elite which has thrived by plundering its own people. In Egypt, corruption is everywhere and American interests are gaining control of the country's tourist trade. Adam's super-rich parents and their friends in government lie at the heart of the system. His mother is determined to get rid of Hanane, her “rival”; but their love is proof against her scheming. Adam turns against the global economy of which his parents are such enthusiastic members; he sees through the unscrupulous greed of international speculators and the secret ties which bind them to fanatical fundamentalist sects.

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Ec4fb9ac d0fa 4a9a a13e 94ba33b7ef87
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Youssef Chahine


Yehia El Mougy


Hanan Turk, Hani Salama, Nabila Ebeid


Youssef Chahine, Khaled Youssef

Director of Photography

Mohsen Nasr


Rashida Abdel Salam


Humbert Balsan, Gabriel Khoury, Marianne Khoury

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Arabic, French

Countries of production

Egypt, France



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