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Nicolas Keppens

Easter Eggs

Edition 2023
14' - 2020 - Animated film - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Nicolas Keppens Composer: Greg Scheirlinckx With: Victor Polster, Rik Verheye
This short film is part of Belgian Animation Shorts.
In a small town, word goes around that Mister Ping’s exotic birds are on the loose. Two bored teenagers go on a quest to find them. During their adventure, they find that escaping daily life isn’t quite the same as escaping each other. Easter Eggs is a short animated film about finding extraordinary things in ordinary places.

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Nicolas Keppens


Greg Scheirlinckx


Victor Polster, Rik Verheye


Nicolas Keppens


Nicolas Keppens, Greg Scheirlinckx

Production studios

Animal Tank, Miyu Productions, Kaching Cartoons

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Countries of production

Belgium, The Netherlands, France




Nicolas Keppens
Wildebeest (short, 2018), Easter Eggs (short, 2020), Beautiful Men (short, 2023)

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