09 20 Oct '24

Carl-jan Colpaert

Drowning on Dry Land

88' - 1999 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: English
Director: Carl-jan Colpaert Composer: Richard Horowitz With: Barbara Hershey, Naveen Andrews, John Doe
In the frenzy of Times Square, a smart, attractive and capable young woman is losing herself. Kat Burns struggles against the crowd, the indignities, the sheer overload of the city. She withdraws all her money from an ATM and, when an empty taxicab presents itself, she hops in. The driver - an Indian named Darshan Sharm - asks for a destination. Kate tells him Newark Airport. When they reach the airport, she makes an unusual request of Darshan. The cab ride yields a few clues about him, and they are enough to embolden her to ask if they can simply keep on going. In fact, could the cab ride continue… across the US, all the way to the desert? Kate offers him $300 a day, plus expenses, a deal too attractive for the perplexed Darshan to ignore.

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Carl-jan Colpaert


Richard Horowitz


Barbara Hershey, Naveen Andrews, John Doe


Julie Jacobs, Sheila Nayar

Director of Photography

Dean Lent


Annette Davey, Gail Yasunaga


Ruth Charny, Susan Shapiro

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Countries of production

United States of America



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