09 20 Oct '24
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Michael Koch

Drii Winter (A Piece of Sky)

136' - 2022 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: German
Director: Michael Koch Composer: Tobias Koch, Jannik Giger With: Michèle Brand, Simon Wisler, Elin Zgraggen
In Drii Winter, Michael Koch swaps the metropolitan misery from his lauded debut Marija for an idyllic romance in the mountains. Or so it seems anyway.
Non-sentimental yet glorious romance and a clash between nature and culture. And all set in an idyllic Alpine village.
In a remote Alpine village isolated from the outside world, young love is put to the test. Anna comes from the village and has a daughter from an earlier relationship, while Marco is an outsider from the flatlands hired by the mountain farmers to work the rugged land. Together they experience the joy of new love and the closeness of family. But when Marco suddenly starts losing control over his impulses and behaving erratically, a new tension rises in the community. Through the changing seasons and the harshness of life, Anna fights to preserve a love she believes can outshine even death.

"Michael Koch’s Berlinale competition entry Drii Winter is both beautifully made and a thing of beauty in itself. Every lovely thing you have ever seen on a box of Lindt is here: old chalets and timber barns, snow-capped Alps, grizzled Swiss farmers in jerkins embroidered with edelweiss. (...) As a director, Koch is fearless. Drii Winter plays out as an inexorable tragedy, keeping its own stately rhythm; there is no hurrying its pace. (...) It's so much more than a tragedy; it's essentially a glorious love story between a man and a woman, between a community that is both supportive and meddlesome." - Deadline

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Michael Koch


Tobias Koch, Jannik Giger


Michèle Brand, Simon Wisler, Elin Zgraggen


Michael Koch

Director of Photography

Armin Dierolf


Florian Riegel


Christof Neracher

Production studios

Hugofilm features


MOOOV Film Distribution The Netherlands

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Countries of production

Germany, Switzerland




Michael Koch
We Are The Faithful (2005), Poolside (short, 2006), Polar (short, 2008), Marija (2016), A Piece of Sky (2022)

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