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Michiel van Jaarsveld


Edition 2001
90' - 2000 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Michiel van Jaarsveld Composer: Jan-Dries Groenendijk With: Christel Oomen, Dragan Bakema, Hans Hoes, Bert Luppes, Maud Dolsma
This film chronicles a young girl’s bitter rite of passage as she enacts her most forbidden sexual desire. Sammy has recently become aware of the desires she awakens in men but the one man to whom she is herself attracted is her older brother Jacob. With an institutionalized father and a mother neither sibling has seen for years, Jacob provides for the household through his trade in meat declared unfit for human consumption. This situation has sufficed for years but the dedication with which Jacob watches over his little sister leaves her no room to mature as a woman. In a bid to express and exercise her burgeoning sexuality, Sammy seduces the father of her best friend. The dice has been cast and an inevitable momentum draws Sammy and her brother into a union that is both unavoidable and ultimately intolerable. (press kit)

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Michiel van Jaarsveld


Jan-Dries Groenendijk


Christel Oomen, Dragan Bakema, Hans Hoes, Bert Luppes, Maud Dolsma


Jacqueline Epskamp

Director of Photography

Joost van Gelder


Peter Alderliesten


Wilant Boekelman, Frans Van Gestel

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Countries of production

The Netherlands



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