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Nijole Adomenaite

Dom na peske

Edition 1992
85' - 1991 - Drama - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Nijole Adomenaite Composer: Algirdas Paulavicius With: Yelena Shiffers, Yelena Shachkova, Yuri Astafyev
Niole Adomenaite's new film is about the strange relationship between Ada and Sonya, two Soviet women who are the same age but who come from vastly different social backgrounds. Ada has everything - beauty, friends, a husband, a lover, a daughter and a successful career as a translator. Sonya has nothing. She leads a lonely, grey, and unsatisfying life. Over the time she has finally come to terms with Ada's different lifestyle. One day, Ada is driven to maliciousness by Sonya's habitual tactlessness. She suggests to her society friends that they play a joke on Sonya.

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607d9748 f514 4eb6 9002 6b32d02f75d5



Nijole Adomenaite


Algirdas Paulavicius


Yelena Shiffers, Yelena Shachkova, Yuri Astafyev


Natalya Chepik

Director of Photography

Aleksandr Shumovich

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Countries of production

Union soviétique

Screenplay based on

'Sonya' (Tatyana Tolstaya)



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