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José Luis García Sánchez

Divinas palabras (Divine Words)

Edition 1988
107' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: José Luis García Sánchez Composer: Milladoiro With: Ana Belén, Francisco Rabal, Imanol Arias
Though the condemnation is not final, Divinas Parabras focuses on human monstrosity. In a rainy, poverty-stricken village of Galizia, an old beggar woman dies, leaving behind a treasure: her hydrocephalic son with whom she went begging. Every relative dives for this golden goose in a pitiful hand-drawn cart. In the end the orphan is split between the sacristan's pretty young wife Mari Gaila and her sister-in-law. At the prompting of a sharp friend, Rosa la Tatula, Mari begins taking her nephew to county fairs, where he brings in a lot of money along with other unfortunates. Her initial motivation is simple greed, but gradually Mari uses her new found freedom to meet Septimo Miau, a roguish gypsy. Divine vengeance strikes when she leaves the boy unattended in a tavern and he is given so much liquor he dies. The sacristan tries to make a little more money by exhibiting the dead body. The jealous town fold catch Mari and try to stone her to death ... (Yung. in Variety, 14.10.1987).

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José Luis García Sánchez




Ana Belén, Francisco Rabal, Imanol Arias


Enrique Llovet, Diego Santillán, José Luis García Sánchez

Director of Photography

Fernando Arribas


Pablo G. del Amo


Victor Manuel San José Sanchez

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"Divinas palabras: Tragicomedia de aidea" (Ramón del Valle-Inclán)



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