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Christina Olofson

Dirigenterna (A Woman is a Risky Bet: Six Orchestra Conductors)

80' - 1987 - Documentary - Dialogue: Swedish
Director: Christina Olofson With: Victoria Bond, Veronika Dudarova, JoAnn Faletta
This documentary is about women who share a passion: the love of music. They are obsessed with their work but have the courage to override prevailing attitudes by accepting a challenge. It is about never giving up, protecting one’s own creative force and believing in the possibility of change. The six women are all pioneers, breaking their way into the men’s world - the world of “geniuses”. Many orchestras are extremely conservative, many even ban female conductors. But change is in the offing. A younger, more modern generation is taken over. The conductors we meet in the film wish for nothing better than to be able to conduct more often and to get to know more orchestras.

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Christina Olofson


Victoria Bond, Veronika Dudarova, JoAnn Faletta


Christina Olofson

Director of Photography

Lisa Hagstrand


Johanna Hald

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