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Frank Beyer

Der Bruch (The Break)

Edition 1989
119' - 1989 - Crime, Comedy - Dialogue: German
Director: Frank Beyer Composer: Gunther Fischer With: Götz George, Rolf Hoppe, Otto Sander, Hermann Beyer
Three men break into a bank and are pursued by three other men. The burglars have been at this sort of thing for years; the policemen have been in their jobs for a few months. Two young men chase a girl because they want to learn how to tango, but soon find themselves caught up in a dance for a fortune - even though a million ain't worth as much as it used to be. Hard work is hardly ever worth it, but it's always worthwhile keeping oneself occupied, says Bruno Markward to Bubi. In order to help his friend, Bubi trains as a bricklayer so that he can knock a hole through the ceiling. But because women are never easy, Bruno, the expert, winds up in front of the arch-criminal Lotz, with whom he has done some time in the same Nazi-prison ... (pressbook)

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9cabb187 9b72 4a72 86c1 98546207392a
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Frank Beyer


Gunther Fischer


Götz George, Rolf Hoppe, Otto Sander, Hermann Beyer


Wolfgang Kohlhaase

Director of Photography

Peter Ziesche


Rita Hiller

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Countries of production

East Germany



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