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Frank Beyer

Der Aufenthalt (Turning Point)

Edition 1988
100' - 1983 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Polish
Director: Frank Beyer Composer: Gunther Fischer With: Sylvester Groth, Fred Düren, Matthias Günther
Mark Niebuhr, a German soldier, barely nineteen, is taken prisoner-of-war in Poland at the end of the war. One day he is transferred to prison. He is accused of ha ving taken part in SS-crimes. While lenghthy investigation is started, Mark spends months in prison. After having been in solitary confinement, he is transferred to a cell with Polish criminals, who believe he is an SS-officer and vent all their hatred on him. Through this confrontation, Mark realizes the guilt of his compatriots. After ha ving done outdoor work, Mark is transferred to a cell with German prisoners. They assume he has been brought to their cell as a spy. Mark gradually withdraws from his countrymen as he realizes they would not hesitate to kill him. Months later, the investigation is concluded: Mark is found innocent of being an SS-officer.

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Frank Beyer


Gunther Fischer


Sylvester Groth, Fred Düren, Matthias Günther


Wolfgang Kohlhaase, Dieter Wolf

Director of Photography

Eberhard Geick


Rita Hiller


Herbert Ehler

More information


German, Polish

Countries of production

East Germany

Screenplay based on

"Der Aufenthalt" (Hermann Kant)



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