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Bill Morrison


Edition 2002
70' - 2002 - Documentary
Director: Bill Morrison Composer: Michael Gordon With: Tsuru Aoki, Julia Calhoun, Margaret Cullington
Contorting the form of traditional narrative structure beyond recognition, the film takes place in three simultaneous acts. Firstly there is the tapestry of found footage including a child being born, women in a beauty salon, filmmakers at work, daredevils, and religious zealots – which shows creation, achievements and man trying to master or defy the elements to reach a higher spiritual plane. Secondly, there is the enthralling dance and play of the patterns of decaying celluloid – bubbling strings of gaping holes, waves of warps, smears and showers of flecked ruination. The final act is how the primordial froth of disintegrating film mutates image fidelity to create entirely new scenarios. As the Sinfonietta wails and moans its score, the artifacts of decay boil characters out of the frame, smear the surfaces of shiny new cars and melt the skin off of its subjects. Decasia is about the state of decay--the birth, death and rebirth of physicality itself.

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Bill Morrison


Michael Gordon


Tsuru Aoki, Julia Calhoun, Margaret Cullington


Bill Morrison

Director of Photography

Bill Morrison


Bill Morrison


Bill Morrison

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United States of America



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