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Frans Weisz

De Zeven Hoofdzonden

Edition 1990
43' - 1990 - Fantasy, Ghost story - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Frans Weisz Composer: Theo Nijland With: Neville Tranter, Lou Landré, Bart Oomen, Maya van den Broecke
24 years ago, Faust made a treaty with the devil (Beelzebub) which pointed out that he would sell his soul for 24 years of earthly power, wealth and happiness. Faust was also allowed to select a servant from the devil's court Mephistofeles. Those 24 years have nearly passed and Faust is preparing himself for his 'payment'. But before he is to disappear into the depths of hell,
Beelzebub wants to know what he's been doing these 24 past years. Has he respected all the clausulas of the contract? Kleine, Beelzebub's assistant, feels Faust and Mephisto's relationship has gone far beyond what the contract allowed...

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A6df740f fb92 4104 a5b4 77e81f733dbe



Frans Weisz


Theo Nijland


Neville Tranter, Lou Landré, Bart Oomen, Maya van den Broecke


Hein Schütz

Director of Photography

Goert Giltay


Ton Ruys


Suzanne Van Voorst

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

Stuffed Puppet Theater



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