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Vincent Rouffaer

De Kollega's maken de brug!

Edition 1988
96' - 1988 - Comedy - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Vincent Rouffaer Composer: Brian Clifton With: Bob Van der Veken, Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert
The movie made after the hit series "De Kollega's" starring the same characters, but rather tragicomic. When November 11, an official holiday (Armistice), falls on a Tuesday, the public service often gets an extra day off on the preceding Monday, but only after a formal ministerial decision, and this time it gets all the way trough the hierarchy to the right office- and then isn't read, so all the colleagues turn up, only to be told they should have stayed at home. It gets worse: works in progress and clumsiness end up blocking the way out both by lift and staircase, so they are stuck on their floor, apparently without a phone, while there's nobody outside who can hear and rescue them. Forced to keep their conversation going, some secrets get unearthed, and it's not a very pretty picture they got of each-other.

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Vincent Rouffaer


Brian Clifton


Bob Van der Veken, Jaak Van Assche, Tuur De Weert


Jan Matterne

Director of Photography

Michel Van Laer


Henri Erismann


Manu Verreth, Ralf Boumans

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