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Pieter Verhoeff

De Droom (The Dream)

Edition 1986
95' - 1985 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch, Frisian
Director: Pieter Verhoeff Composer: Cees Bijlstra With: Peter Tuinman, Huub Stapel, Joke Tjalsma, Freark Smink
On 5 December 1895, the evening of the Dutch feast of Santa Claus, three masked men raid Gatze Haitsma's remote homestead. That afternoon, after a passionate bout of love making with the housekeeper, Wybren Hogerhuis leaves the Haitsma farmhouse with the announcement that he wants to celebrate Santa Claus with his family. He will not be returning to the farm to defend it against possible raiders. Wybren Hogerhuis and his two brothers, all members of the Socialist Movement, are then suspected of carrying out the raid . . .

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Pieter Verhoeff


Cees Bijlstra


Peter Tuinman, Huub Stapel, Joke Tjalsma, Freark Smink


Dirk Ayelt Kooiman

Director of Photography

Paul van den Bos


Roeland Kerbosch

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Dutch, Frisian

Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"De zaak Hogerhuis, eene gerechtelijke dwaling" (Hans Sleurink)



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