09 20 Oct '24
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Nedeljko Dragic

De dag dat ik met roken ophield (Dan kad sam prestado pusiti)

Edition 1983
10' - 1983 - Animated film, Short
Director: Nedeljko Dragic Composer: Tomislav Simovic

This film was shown as a supporting film for CREEP SHOW.

An animation film which turns the difficulties of giving up smoking into a parable on the neuroses of a lonely man, who leads an alienated life. The suggestive force of the film originates exactly from what is not shown in the screen...

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D21dc267 e601 471c 9b60 0f9e5605b958



Nedeljko Dragic


Tomislav Simovic


Nedeljko Dragic

Director of Photography

Franjo Malogorski

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