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Fons Rademakers

De Aanslag (The Assault)

Edition 1986
144' - 1986 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: German, Dutch, English
Director: Fons Rademakers Composer: Jurriaan Andriessen With: Derek de Lint, Marc van Uchelen, Monique Van de Ven
In January 1945, during the 2nd world-war, the Dutch resistance kills a collaborator in the street where the 12 year old Anton Steenwijk lives. The man was shot in front of his neighbors house, but is moved by them to the house of the family Steenwijk. Because of this, his father, mother and brother are killed by the Germans, and their house is set to fire. During his life, Anton meets several people that tell him more about what really happened on the night of the assault.

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Fons Rademakers


Jurriaan Andriessen


Derek de Lint, Marc van Uchelen, Monique Van de Ven


Gerard Soeteman

Director of Photography

Theo van de Sande


Kees Linthorst


Fons Rademakers

More information


German, Dutch, English

Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"De Aanslag" (Harry Mulisch)



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