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Hans Weingartner

Das weiße Rauschen

Edition 2002
103' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Hans Weingartner With: Daniel Brühl, Anabelle Lachatte, Patrick Joswig
Katja is tired of getting her schizophrenic brother out of serious trouble. But Lukas unwaveringly follows his self-destructive way of living. He is obsessed with the thought that the whole world is against him. Katja's last and ultimate try to bring Lukas back to his senses ends with him jumping into a river. Just in time, a hobo appears and saves his life. At the vagrant's side, Lukas is introduced to a whole new life, far away from the usual standard of today's society. These people do not expect him to behave in a "normal" way. They accept him as he is and wants to be. He travels south with them, but tension rises as Lukas often endangers the group with this aggressive behavior. Finally, the situation escalates. Lukas dives into the sea and starts to swim …

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Hans Weingartner


Daniel Brühl, Anabelle Lachatte, Patrick Joswig


Hans Weingartner, Tobias Amann, Matthias Schellenberg, Katrin Blum

Director of Photography

Tobias Amann, Matthias Schellenberg, Hans Weingartner


Dirk Oetelshoven, Hans Weingartner, Andreas Wodraschke


Ole Landsjöaasen

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