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Iain Dilthey

Das Verlangen

Edition 2002
90' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Iain Dilthey With: Susanne-Marie Wrage, Klaus Grünberg, Robert Lohr
Married to the most eminent citizen of an unattractive village, Lena survives in the icy prison of a loveless existence. Her husband’s disdainful authoritarianism is one of the givens in a monotonous life spent waiting, looking after children, playing the organ and, on pre-arranged dates, fulfilling her conjugal duty. The mysterious murder of a village girl suddenly knocks this humdrum existence off its tracks. In the wake of these events, Lena meets Paul, the garage mechanic, and has feelings for him of the kind she has long awaited, feelings of affection and tenderness. Carried away by the freedom this encounter has afforded her, and by the fear of losing this un-hoped for happiness, she chooses not to reveal the secret her lover is concealing … (press kit)

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Iain Dilthey


Susanne-Marie Wrage, Klaus Grünberg, Robert Lohr


Iain Dilthey, Silke Parzich

Director of Photography

Justus Pankau


Barbara Hoffmann


Claudia Gladziejewski, Gerd Haag, Till Schmerbeck, Saskia von Sanden

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