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Peter Sehr

Das serbische Mädchen

Edition 1992
92' - 1991 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Serbo-Croatian
Director: Peter Sehr Composer: Goran Bregovic With: Mirjana Jokovic, Ben Becker, Pascal Breuer
Secretly, without saying a word, Dobrila, an 18-year old girl, sets out from her village in Serbia for Hamburg in search of the boy she loves. She had got to know him during his vacation in Yugoslavia. Fearlessly, without any inhibitions, she overcomes all the obstacles that a journey without money or passport implies. Bul Achim, the object of her desires, is unfortunately no good. There is no mention of love any more. And Dobrila doesn't even get around to telling him she's pregnant. She turns on her heels and walks out. But the way back is even more hazardous and difficult... The odyssey of a young woman from the Balkans across Europe.

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Peter Sehr


Goran Bregovic


Mirjana Jokovic, Ben Becker, Pascal Breuer


Peter Sehr

Director of Photography

Dietrich Lohmann


Dagmar Hirtz


Dirk R. Düwel

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German, Serbo-Croatian

Countries of production

Germany, Yugoslavia

Screenplay based on

"Das serbische Mädchen" (Siegfried Lenz)



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