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Clemens Klopfenstein

Das schlesische Tor

Edition 1983
22' - 1982 - Documentary, Short - Dialogue: German
Director: Clemens Klopfenstein
This film was screened in a double programme with GIRO.

Pictures and Sounds from the Silesian Gate in Berlin and the last metro station before the Wall, mixed with pictures and sounds from Hong Kong and Tokyo. Mixed and blended together, on the notes of Chinese music with western influences, a yearning for far and close places, the feeling of longing that makes one search for the bottle, the phone, or old yellowing letters. The morning in Tokyo is the evening at the Silesian Gate: a short movie that makes you feel the roundness of the Earth.

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F3dfa61a 4a2f 4764 996e e4edfc5fc35f



Clemens Klopfenstein


Clemens Klopfenstein, Serena Kiefer

Director of Photography

Clemens Klopfenstein


Clemens Klopfenstein, Serena Kiefer

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