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Rainer Simon

Das Luftschiff (The Airship)

Edition 1988
117' - 1983 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Rainer Simon Composer: Friedrich Goldmann, Karl-Ernst Sasse With: Jörg Gudzuhn, Elisa Montés, Víctor Carvajal

It all started in a mill, shortly before the turn of the century. Aeronautics enthusiasts, among them Franz Xaver Stannebein, meet to conduct an experiment. Stannebein has always been obsessed with the idea of flying. An orphan, he found refuge with Johanne, a prostitute. She helps him to materialize his dreams. Stannebein goes to Spain as a merchant and builds up a respectable life. He does good business, yet remains obsessed with his ancient dream: a propelled airship, something between an airship and a helicopter. He leaves family and work and returns to Germany. There he negociates with industrials and diplomats, but remains unsuccessful. At last he runs out of money and he goes to live in shabby quarters, unwilling to abandon his dream. German industry, in the early thirties already preparing a new war , persuade him to return to Spain. Without knowing it, he is being used by the Germans for their intervention in the Civil War. He quits and returns to Germany, where he is locked into an asylum as an insane inventor.

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Rainer Simon


Friedrich Goldmann, Karl-Ernst Sasse


Jörg Gudzuhn, Elisa Montés, Víctor Carvajal


Rainer Simon

Director of Photography

Roland Dressel


Helga Gentz


Horst Hartwig

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Countries of production

East Germany

Screenplay based on

"Das Luftschiff" (Fritz Rudolf Fries)



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