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Leon Marr

Dancing in the Dark

Edition 1986
93' - 1986 - Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Leon Marr With: Martha Henry, Neil Munro, Anne Butler
The present unfolds along with scenes from the past in this intense psychological drama about Edna (Martha Henry), a woman in the hospital who each day writes down her memories. Edna cannot (or will not) talk to her doctor, and nurses have to take care of her ordinary needs, including making her eat when meals arrive. Edna's stark hospital surroundings give way to the bright colors of her home-life as her memories surface while she writes. She is a devoted housewife, an excellent cook, and in love with her husband. Her husband Harry often compliments her on her cooking, fills their conversations with his life at work, and they seem quite normal if perhaps a little boring. But then something happens that will change Edna's attitude toward herself, resulting in a hospital stay, and her stubborn unwillingness to talk.

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Leon Marr


Martha Henry, Neil Munro, Anne Butler


Leon Marr, Marjorie Schwartz Nielsen

Director of Photography

Vic Sarin


Thomas Berner


Anthony Kramreither

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Screenplay based on

"Dancing in the Dark" (Joan Barfoot)



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