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Elena Martín


Edition 2023
112' - 2023 - Drama - Dialogue: Catalan
Director: Elena Martín Composer: Clara Aguilar With: Mila Borràs, Alex Brendemühl, Marc Cartanyà
Elena Martín Gimeno's second film is a daring dive into the complex psychology of a woman who's the victim of sexual repression. This fluid, physical cinema with fantasy accents explores the close relationship between guilt, shame and desire.
When Mila moves in with her lover and her libido fails, it triggers a trip into the past in order to understand her difficult relationship with sex. Mila confronts traumatic experiences from her childhood in the hope of reconciling with her body. Spanning several life stages, this elegant portrait shows a woman trying to break free, with her body as a battleground. With Creature, Martín Gimeno effortlessly reaffirms her place in the brilliant generation of young, Catalan directors such as Carla Simón and Clara Roquet (who co-wrote this film). After her debut Júlia Ist (FFG2019), a naturalistic portrait of a young woman, Martín Gimeno returns to Ghent with this powerful follow-up that is drenched in an elusive cinematic language and earned her a well-deserved prize at the Cannes Film Festival.
“A story that addresses our relationship with desire and the body. The body as a space of pleasure and pain, of oppression and freedom, about all that is most hidden in it […] and that consequently leads us to question ourselves about what sex says about us.” – Cineuropa

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Elena Martín


Clara Aguilar


Mila Borràs, Alex Brendemühl, Marc Cartanyà


Elena Martín, Clara Roquet

Director of Photography

Alana Mejía González


Ariadna Ribas


Jake Cheetham, Tono Folguera, Stefan Schmitz, Pau Suris, María Zamora, Marta Cruañas, Ariadna Dot

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Elena Martín
Júlia ist (2017), Creatura (2023)

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