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Boris Lehman, Nadine Wandel

Couple, regards, positions

Edition 1983
60' - 1983
Director: Boris Lehman, Nadine Wandel With: Boris Lehman, Nadine Wandel
"THE MARRIAGE OF WATER AND FIRE'' is the subtitle of Boris Lehman's latest film. Waterand fire. Water puts out the fire and fire makes water boil, causes it to evaporate. They have problems in getting on together. They can not marry without one of them disappearing, but, above all, they attract each other endlessly, they need each other in order to exist. COUPLE/REGARDS/POSITIONS (Ie marriage de l'eau avec Ie feu) is an attempt to make an alchemist film. Two characters - a man and a woman - arouse each other's interest, face a confrontation, and react agressively to the point of mutilating each other in order to make contact, to unite themselves. Each look, each position, each one of their actons is ritualistic and symbolic. There are no sets, only objects and geometrie farms (circle, square, triangle) which float in the air or stand on the ground.
(Brochure F.I. Rotterdam 1983)

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Boris Lehman, Nadine Wandel


Boris Lehman, Nadine Wandel

Director of Photography

Michael Sander


Eva Houdova

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