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Martin Skovbjerg

Copenhagen Does Not Exist (København findes ikke)

Edition 2023
99' - 2023 - Drama - Dialogue: Danish, Serbian, Swedish
Director: Martin Skovbjerg Composer: Av Av Av, Anders Dixen, August Fenger, Martin Skovbjerg With: Angela Bundalovic, Jonas Holst Schmidt, Zlatko Buric
After a couple gradually withdraw from society, one day the young woman disappears. Her father tries to find out what happened, in this Danish mix of thriller and psychological drama.
Sander is locked in an empty flat along with a slightly younger man and a man in his sixties. The latter two are the brother and father of Ida, who disappeared a few months before and who formed a couple with Sander. The father wants to know what happened to his daughter and forces Sander to tell him about their relationship. The pair lived together in the bustling heart of Copenhagen, but increasingly cut themselves off from society. That isolation affection their actions and thinking. By alternating the interrogation, filmed by Ida's brother, with flashbacks, director Martin Skovbjerg subtly stirs up a palpable menace, which enhances the ominous atmosphere. The screenplay is written by Eskil Vogt, director of The Innocents and regular cinematographer of Joachim Trier (The Worst Person in the World). The father is played by Zlatko Burić, known from the Pusher films and as the Russian oligarch in Triangle of Sadness.
“A young woman has disappeared without a trace. Three months later her boyfriend Sander agrees to an unusual arrangement: to be locked in an apartment and interrogated by the woman’s father. It soon becomes obvious that long before her disappearance, the two lovers had chosen an unconventional life.” - Variety

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80e711b0 e336 4095 aeb3 f4971ee6df6f



Martin Skovbjerg


Av Av Av, Anders Dixen, August Fenger, Martin Skovbjerg


Angela Bundalovic, Jonas Holst Schmidt, Zlatko Buric


Eskil Vogt

Director of Photography

Jacob Møller


Michael Aaaglund, Olivier Bugge Coutté, Jenna Mangulad, Martin Skovbjerg


Eva Jakobsen, Mikkel Jersin, Katrin Pors

Production studios

Snowglobe Films


September Film Distribution

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Danish, Serbian, Swedish

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Martin Skovbjerg
Sticks and Stones (2018), Copenhagen Does Not Exist (2023)

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