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Bertrand Mandico


Edition 2023
105' - 2023 - Action, Fantasy, Horror - Dialogue: German, French, English, German, French, English
Director: Bertrand Mandico Composer: Pierre Desprats With: Elina Löwensohn, Christa Théret, Julia Riedler
Confuse and conquer, that's the motto of director Bertrand Mandico, the French Sun King of artistic madness. In Conann, the fantasy legend of Conan the Barbarian mutates into a six-headed monster-trip.
Provocateur par excellence Bertrand Mandico deserves a special spot at Film Fest. After Les garçons sauvages (FFG2017) and After Blue (FFG2021), the French filmmakers may win more souls for his idiosyncratic universe with Conann. In his third feature, he takes on the pulp legend of Conan, a character known from the Schwarzenegger films, with barbaric pleasure. Hellhound Rainer (portrayed by Mandico's fetish actress Elina Löwensohn) tells us the story of Conann, given an extra 'n' and (re)incarnated in each of her six lives by a different actress. From her cruel childhood as a slave to her bloody coronation as queen; get ready for diabolical excursion - albeit adorned with glitter - through myths, eras and the human soul. Already confused? Let go of reason, as well as good taste, and embrace the chaos in Mandico's insane cosmos.
“Bertrand Mandico’s latest surreal spectacle [is] a gory and transgressive reworking of the mythic tale of Conan the Barbarian, turning it into a saga of a female warrior that spans decades and features different actors playing the titular role.” - Screen Daily

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Bertrand Mandico


Pierre Desprats


Elina Löwensohn, Christa Théret, Julia Riedler


Bertrand Mandico

Director of Photography

Nicolas Eveilleau


Laure Saint-Marc


Avi Amar, Gilles Chanial, Emmanuel Chaumet

Production studios

Les Films Fauves, Ecce Films, Floréal Films



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German, French, English, German, French, English

Countries of production

Belgium, France, Luxemburg, Belgium, France, Luxemburg




Bertrand Mandico
Le cavalier blue (short, 1998), C'était le chien d'Eddy (short, 2003), Essai 135 (short, 2007), He Said He is Dead... (short, 2008), The Life and Death of Henry Darger (short, 2010), Boro in the Box (short, 2011), Living Still Life (short, 2012), Prehistoric Cabaret (short, 2014), Salammbô (short, 2014), Souvenirs d'un montreur de seins (short, 2014), Our Lady of Hormones (short, 2015), Y a-t-il une vierge encore vivante (short, 2015), Depressive Cop (short, 2016), Odile dans la vallée (short, 2017), The Wild Boys (2017), Apocalypse After (short, 2018), The Return of the Tragedy (short, 2020), Féminisme, rafale et politique (short, 2020), The Return of Tragedy (short, 2020), After Blue (2021), Dead Flash (short, 2021), Conann (2023), Rainer, a Vicious Dog in a Skull Valley (short, 2023), We Barbarians (short, 2023)

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