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Francesco Maselli

Codice privato (Secret access)

Director Francesco Maselli Composer Giovanna Marini Cast Ornella Muti
Edition 1989
90' - 1988 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Italian
In contrast to what happened to me with my other films, I do not have clear ideas about 'Codice Privato' and its meanings. The fact is that I have been overcome by the story itself, by the pleasure of telling it. And by telling of a character who is really two characters, even if physically one never appears. This same business of "letting myself go" in the story caught me by surprise during Storia d'Amore. The result is that a whole series of resoundingly and peremptorily declared intentions on the eve of making the film were given the lie by the film itself which took quite another shape, sense and inner meaning. This certainly results from my way of working -which leads me ever more drastically to write the screenplay during shooting and then re-elaborate it during the editing. A friend of mine suggested I call the film "Study for Camera and Dolly". He was probably right. (F .Maselli)

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Francesco Maselli


Giovanna Marini


Ornella Muti


Francesco Maselli

Director of Photography

Luigi Kuveiller


Alessandra Perpignani

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