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Michael Caton-jones

City by the Sea

108' - 2002 - Crime, Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: English
Director: Michael Caton-jones Composer: John Murphy With: Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand, James Franco, George Dzundza
New York City homicide detective Vincent LaMarca has forged a long and distinguished career in law enforcement. But on his latest case, the stakes are higher — the suspect he's investigating is his own son. He and Joey have been painfully estranged ever since Vincent divorced his wife. As long as Vincent lives in the protection of the present, he doesn't have to deal with the pain of his past — or his sorrow over his broken relationship with Joey. The agonizing memory that has tortured him all his life till plagues him. In the course of the investigation, he discovers that his unresolved pain and failures as a father have deeply influenced Joey's life. Haunted by his father's death, the sins of his own past, and the desire to break the cycle for the sake of his grandson's future, Vincent must put his life on the line in order to do right by both his family and his profession.

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Michael Caton-jones


John Murphy


Robert De Niro, Frances McDormand, James Franco, George Dzundza


Ken Hixon


Jim Clark


Matthew Baer, Michael Caton-jones, Brad Grey, Elie Samaha

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United States of America



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