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Francis Deron, Jean-Paul Tchang, René Viénet

Chinois, encore un effort pour être révolutionnaires

Edition 1979
120' - 1977 - Documentary - Dialogue: French
Director: Francis Deron, Jean-Paul Tchang, René Viénet
A Shakespearian story full of noise and fury, but that means something. In the role of the "Grand Helmsman", Mao ZeDong himself, in the role of Madame Mao, famous actress Lan Ping, aka Jian Qing, as closest comrade in arms, traitor Lin Piao. Co-star-ring the vanished glories of the "Gang of Four". In the role of the proletariat, the Worker XXX. The costumes, the make-up, the gala dinners were kindly provided by the Maoist bureaucracy. Historical tricks: Third International, American imperialism, Jean Chesneaux, the Maoist bureaucracy, etc. The directors thank the People's Liberation Army for its invaluable assistance in eliminating the traitor Lin Piao. As writer Simon Leyes said: "The film gives us back the hysterical liturgies and medieval thaumaturgies of the cult of Mao".

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Francis Deron, Jean-Paul Tchang, René Viénet


René Viénet


Jean-Serge Breton

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