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André Halimi

Chantons sous l'occupation

95' - 1976 - Documentary - Dialogue: French
Director: André Halimi With: Pascal Mazzotti, Maître Naud, Fabienne Jamet
A very well made documentary about artists and entertainers under the Nazi occupation of France. Presents the entire spectrum from resisters to semi-fascists, mostly in popular entertainment- stage, song, film, etc. Along with the famous (Chevalier, Piaf), it covers many less known in America.I saw only about the last 45 minutes of this on TV a few years ago, and wish I could get a tape or disc. Other documentaries and stories on collaboration/resistance and their nuances have been made, but I think this seemingly unknown film is one of the best. In addition to present day interviews and contextual material, it has many original film clips of performances during the Occupation, and almost all of them were new to me, and often fascinating.The owners should put out a tape, or at least get it on TV some more.

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André Halimi


Pascal Mazzotti, Maître Naud, Fabienne Jamet


André Halimi

Director of Photography

Michel Boschet, Marc Champion, Jean Rouch


Henri Colpi

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