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Árpád Sopsits, Árpád Sopsits

Céllövölde (Shooting Gallery)

Edition 1990
87' - 1990 - Crime, Drama - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Árpád Sopsits, Árpád Sopsits Composer: László Melis With: Zoltán Lengyel, Judit Danyi, Lajos Kovács
In March 1982 a boy from Miskolc shot his father without any particular motive or reason, then carried on with his life as before. The crime was discovered by his mother when she came home from hospital a few days later. At present the boy is serving his 13 year sentence. At that time censorship did not permit the making of a screenplay based on the true story. A decrepit power of any age is typically terrified of patricide. The father of the film's protagonist is a man in the prime of his life cherishing a dream in the dreary present: he used to run a shoot­ing range and he never gave up the idea to lead the same kind of life again sometime.

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Árpád Sopsits, Árpád Sopsits


László Melis


Zoltán Lengyel, Judit Danyi, Lajos Kovács


Árpád Sopsits, Gyula Elian


Magyar Televizio Film, Hunna Filmstudio

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Hungary, France



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