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Herk Harvey

Carnival of Souls

Edition 2022
78' - 1962 - Mystery, Horror - Dialogue: English
Director: Herk Harvey Composer: Gene Moore With: Candace Hilligoss, Sidney Berger, Frances Feist
A young woman comes to the chilling discovery of how much of herself she has really lost in a car accident. An inspiration for David Lynch, Christian Petzold and George A. Romero, the inventive and atmospheric Carnival of Souls has become a low budget cult classic since the 1960s.

VIDEODROOM 2022: Carnival of Souls - MIAUX
Born in Sarajevo but settled in Antwerp for quite some time now,MIAUX is the alter ego of Mia Prce. Armed with a Casio and devastating songwriting skills, she makes minimalist, melancholic music that’s steeped in mystery. For VIDEODROOM, she will provide the cult classic Carnival of Souls with a completely new score, which she will perform live. The original score’s church organs make way for Miaux’s analogue synthesiser.

A young church organist inexplicably emerges unscathed from a fatal car accident. Hoping to put her trauma behind her, she moves to Salt Lake City. Haunted by the past and estranged from the present, she is drawn to a dilapidated fairground pavilion. Carnival of Souls is the only feature film by American director Herk Harvey, who taught himself how to shoot a film by making hundreds of short films for companies and schools. He took three weeks off work to shoot his gloomy tale for just $30,000. Praised for his inventiveness, Harvey delivered a dreamy and haunting cinematic curiosum. As if Antonioni were stuk in The Twilight Zone. This independent cult classic had a direct influence on Night of the Living Dead and also inspired David Lynch and Christian Petzold, as proven by his unofficial remake Yella.

“It’s nominally a horror film, but it’s a story of mental derangement with a premise of metaphysical shock that’s more or less detachable from its richly textured and disturbingly inventive cinematic essence.” - The New Yorker

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C84d9a0c 5d69 4158 acff 7024013b790c



Herk Harvey


Gene Moore


Candace Hilligoss, Sidney Berger, Frances Feist


Herk Harvey, John Clifford

Director of Photography

Maurice Prather


Bill de Jarnette, Dan Palmquist, Herbert L. Strock


Herk Harvey

Production studios

Harcourt Productions

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Countries of production

United States of America




Herk Harvey
Carnival of Souls (1962)

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