09 20 Oct '24
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Ulrich Köhler


85' - 2002 - Drama - Dialogue: German, Danish, English
Director: Ulrich Köhler With: Lennie Burmeister, Devid Striesow, Trine Dyrholm
19-year-old Paul can’t escape the dreariness of small-town life. He decides to do military service, just to spite his left-wing liberal family and friends. One day he goes absent without leave. His parents are away on holiday, leaving their bungalow unoccupied. On his arrival at the family home Paul discovers that his older brother Max is there too with his girlfriend Lene. When he is contacted by the military Max realises that Paul has deserted. He persuades his brother to go back to his barracks but Paul returns to the bungalow just a few hours later. Lene toys with Paul and he falls in love with her, but Max throws him out of the house. Lonely and miserable, Paul turns to his ex-girlfriend, Kerstin, but her naïve enthusiasm soon irritates him. He leaves her abruptly. Determined to see Lene again, Paul tricks his brother Max out of the bungalow.

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79f45163 b245 43eb a0ee e20d2437cd18
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Ulrich Köhler


Lennie Burmeister, Devid Striesow, Trine Dyrholm


Ulrich Köhler, Henrike Goetz

Director of Photography

Ute Freund, Patrick Orth


Gergana Voigt


Tobias Büchner, Peter Stockhaus

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German, Danish, English

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