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Suzanne Osten

Bröderna Mozart (The Mozart Brothers)

109' - 1986 - Drama, Comedy - Dialogue: Finnish, English, Swedish
Director: Suzanne Osten Composer: Björn J:son Lindh With: Etienne Glaser, Philip Zandén, Henry Bronett
This is a comedy about people who work in the theatre, live for theatre, think of nothing but theatre. They are obsessed by it. The company they work for is assembled on the stage to go through a new production of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" by an up-and-coming director. This director is full of subversive ideas, violently opposed to tradition. But the cast doesn't share his views: “we have always done this, why should we now do that ?” The director explains he is out to breathe new life into the opera. He wants to break away from stereotypes and makes his cast - figuratively speaking - stand on their hands and sing counter to the music. He must be nuts, say the artists to each other. He takes no notice. Why should he when he has a vision?

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A057725e e075 49ef 8c40 310f4cba5645
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Suzanne Osten


Björn J:son Lindh


Etienne Glaser, Philip Zandén, Henry Bronett


Suzanne Osten, Etienne Glaser, Niklas Rådström

Director of Photography

Hans Welin


Lars Hagström


Göran Lindström

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Finnish, English, Swedish

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