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Hiroschi Ando


Edition 2002
116' - 2002 - Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Japanese
Director: Hiroschi Ando With: Mikako Ichikawa, Manami Konishi, Asami Imajuku
It was during class. A girl was carried away by an ambulance. When the new school term had started, that girl, Masami, was in Kayako’s class. Kayako felt some kind of interest towards Masami, who seemed to be more mature than the others. She would have wanted to know why Masami had been taken away by that ambulance. The two started to have lunch together and go to school by bus together. They listened to music Masami liked at her house. Masami had stood by Kayako when she was isolated by others over her relationship with a guy. Kayako had realised that Masami had become a special friend to her. However, there was a big secret that Masami had not yet told Kayako. When the first semester had finished, Masami disappeared during the summer holiday. It seemed as if she had gone far, and that it was in relation to the secret she had. Kayako learnt about Masami 's secret from Nakano, who was in a different class. She felt jealous and desperate … (press kit)

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3284cd6c bdf9 4782 98ba 045f263726d1



Hiroschi Ando


Mikako Ichikawa, Manami Konishi, Asami Imajuku


Kiriko Nananan, Yuka Honcho

Director of Photography

Kazuhiro Suzuki


Nobuko Tomita, Yoshihide Ôtomo


Dai Miyazaki

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