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Elfriede Gaeng

Blu elettrico (Electric Blue)

Director Elfriede Gaeng Composer Stelvio Cipriani Cast Claudia Cardinale, William Berger, Athina Cenci
Edition 1988
86' - 1989 - Drama - Dialogue: Italian
I wanted to use the phrase 'And God called the firmament Heaven' at the beginning of my film, because I find these simple words contain the wonder of anyone looking up at the infinity of that starfilled ceiling and, feeling as if they are drowning, searches for the face of God. Electric Blue is designed as an invitation to pause and reflect about a world where hedonism and consumerism have become the only rules of life, where the myth of power and success has made today's man forget, not only the value of, but the loss of the desire for human relationships, friendship and love, enjoyed as an essential part of existence and there is no doubt as to the true sense of life. This truth remains alive until the contamination of the world around it completes the job. It is in the magie moment of childhood that this reality can be seen most clearly, and in this 'state of innocence' that everything is possible and extremely simple, even death, which seems to be the only waY to reach a better world, in other words; to get to Paradise. (E. Gaeng)

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D369e0ed ca85 4d18 b344 873c036b0e4e



Elfriede Gaeng


Stelvio Cipriani


Claudia Cardinale, William Berger, Athina Cenci


Elfriede Gaeng

Director of Photography

Gianfranco Transunto


Claudio Di Mauro


Adriano Arie, Aldo U. Passalacqua

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