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Aleksandr Rogozhkin

Blokpost (Checkpoint)

Edition 1999
85' - 1999 - War, Drama, Romance - Dialogue: Russian
Director: Aleksandr Rogozhkin Composer: Vladislav Panchenko With: Roman Romantsov, Kirill Ulyanov, Ivan Kuzmin
The Caucasus is constantly plagued by war. It is a strange war: there is no battlefield, but every peasant may be an armed enemy. During a raid on a village, Russian soldiers - little more than boys themselves - were unable to prevent the death of a child killed by a land mine. The people of the village are furious and react against the soldiers. The young soldiers are punished and send to a checkpoint in a remote area for thirty days. Here they get in touch with the local people. Although they don’t actually see the enemy, the soldiers can sense his presence behind every stone, in the dark surrounding woods and soon they begin to suspect every farmer they encounter. And then there is a silent and invisible sniper, hidden in the trees.

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Aleksandr Rogozhkin


Vladislav Panchenko


Roman Romantsov, Kirill Ulyanov, Ivan Kuzmin


Aleksandr Rogozhkin

Director of Photography

Andrey Zhegalov


Sergei Gudkovsky, Yuliya Rumyantseva


Konstantin Ernst, Sergey Selyanov

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