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Shipei Wen

Are You Lonesome Tonight? (热带往事)

95' - 2021 - Crime, Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: Chinese
Director: Shipei Wen Composer: Hank Lee With: Eddie Peng, Sylvia Chang, Yanhui Wang
The offender of a hit-and-run crime tries to learn and deal with the consequences in Chinese crime thriller Are You Lonesome Tonight?, a promising debut about guilt and penance, a heavy conscience and faltering memory.
A stylised neo-noir film from China, in which the past flares up like a tropical disease.
On a dark night, Xueming hits a pedestrian with his car and flees the scene. Desperate to escape his feelings of guilt, he decides to approach the dead man’s wife, Mrs Liang. Meanwhile, the body is discovered – riddled with bullets. Chen, the detective in charge of the investigation, becomes obsessed with the case. Years later, all three remain caught in a tangled web of memories and lies, desperately searching for a truth that refuses to be revealed…
"The lives of three people converge in Wen Shipei’s thrilling debut: a young man who believes he’s killed someone, the dead man’s widow, and the policeman in charge of the investigation. (...) Produced by star director Ning Hao at his Dirty Monkeys film studio – known for producing China’s new pool of talent – the film features a striking visual style reminiscent of Wong Kar-wai’s early works. Wen’s confident filmmaking translates the language of images into sophisticated, highly evocative storytelling and guides to excellence the performances of protagonists Sylvia Chang and Eddie Peng as two souls lost in existential solitude, shrouded in a sultry, languid, yet anxious atmosphere." - TIFF

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Shipei Wen


Hank Lee


Eddie Peng, Sylvia Chang, Yanhui Wang


Shipei Wen, Noé Dodson, Yinuo Wang, Binghao Zhao

Director of Photography

Cedric Cheung-Lau, Xiaosu Han, Zhang Heng, Andreas Thalhammer


Hangchen Cao, Noé Dodson, Jie Dong, Will Wei, Lin Zhu


Jingxuan Hu, Jing Wang

Production studios

Dirty Monkey Films Group


September Film

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Shipei Wen
A short Film About Nothing (short, 2017), Are You Lonesome Tonight? (2021)

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