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Titus Leber

Anima - Symphonie phantastique (Anima)

Edition 1987
85' - 1981 - Mystery, Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Titus Leber With: Mathieu Carrière, Charo López, Bruno Anthony
Anima is the term for the eternally unatainable woman that is engrained in everyman and gives rise to his image of female perfection. pursuing this image of ideal, which alternately takes on the form of a virgin, whore, mother, saint, witch and femme fatale, a young man, who is a typical exponent of martial bachelorhood, passes through landscapes of the mind that lead him from a romantic to an industrial consciousness. There in the irreal world of a bachelor's state, the printed and reproducible ideal of the paper woman has abolished any real relation between the sexes. In this emotional barrenness and under the guidance of the fierce sphinx of the industrial age - half woman, half sewing machine - this society, which substitutes aggresion for love, moves inevitably towards self-immolation and destruction. Only a member of the clergy survives the great war. In order to avert an impending seizure of power by the woman in the ruins of the bachelor's world, he conjures in an apocalyptic vision the resurrection of the warriors of all times.

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Titus Leber


Mathieu Carrière, Charo López, Bruno Anthony

Director of Photography

Mike Gast


Fritz Buttenstedt, Herbert G. Kloiber

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Countries of production

Austria, West Germany



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