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Miguel Littin

Alsino y el condor (Alsino and the Condor)

89' - 1982 - War, Drama - Dialogue: Spanish, English
Director: Miguel Littin Composer: Leo Brouwer With: Dean Stockwell, Alan Esquivel, Carmen Bunster
Alsino, a boy of 10 or 12, lives with his grandmother in a remote area of Nicaragua. He's engulfed in the war between rebels and government troops when a US advisor orders the army to open a staging area by the boy's hamlet. Alsino tries to be a child, climbing trees with a girl, looking through his grandfather's trunk of mementos and trying to fly; he goes to town to sell a saddle, has his first drink and is taken to a brothel. But the war surrounds him. The US advisor takes Alsino on a chopper flight, but he's unimpressed. The soldiers' cruelties awake rebel sympathies in Alsino, and after an army assault backfires, the lad is fully baptized into the conflict.

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Miguel Littin


Leo Brouwer


Dean Stockwell, Alan Esquivel, Carmen Bunster


Miguel Littin, Isidora Aguirre, Pedro Prado, Tomás Pérez Turrent

Director of Photography

Jorge Herrera, Pablo Martínez


Miguel Littin

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Spanish, English

Countries of production

Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Cuba



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