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Fons Rademakers

Als twee druppels water

121' - 1963 - Drama - Dialogue: Dutch
Director: Fons Rademakers Composer: Jurriaan Andriessen With: Lex Schoorel, Nan Los, Elise Hoomans
Ducker, cigar shopkeeper whose wife has an affair with a collaborator, has never paid much attention to the war, the occupation and the resistance. In June 1944, a parachutist lands in his garden, claiming he is a British agent in charge with secret missions. Ducker is caught by the striking resemblance between this man and himself: apart from the colour of their hair, they look. exactly alike. Considering this man to be something like the man he would always have liked to be, he follows his orders and executes a number of murders on Germans and their helpers. And then comes liberation. Ducker is arrested by the police and accused of being a German agent...

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Fons Rademakers


Jurriaan Andriessen


Lex Schoorel, Nan Los, Elise Hoomans


Willem Frederik Hermans, Fons Rademakers

Director of Photography

Raoul Coutard


Olga Servaas


Fons Rademakers

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Countries of production

The Netherlands

Screenplay based on

"Als twee druppels water" (Willem Fredrik Hermans)



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