09 20 Oct '24

Tefvik Baser

Abschied vom falschen Paradies (Farewell to false paradise)

92' - 1989 - Drama - Dialogue: German
Director: Tefvik Baser Composer: Claus Bantzer With: Zuhal Olcay, Brigitte Janner, Ruth Olafsdottir, Barbara Morawiecz, Ayse Altan
Ironies abound in this extremely sad melodrama about Elif (Zuhal Olcay), a Turkish immigrant in Germany who has been sent to prison for murdering her abusive husband. At the time of her imprisonment, she has never ventured outside the Turkish community, and even there has had no friends because of the demands her husband placed on her. She speaks no German. Now, in a place which most people find to be hell on earth, she gains a never-before known taste of freedom among these strangers, who don’t even speak her own language. Unfortunately, as a “guest worker,” she is horrified to discover that she is soon to be transferred to the horrific prisons of Turkey and will stand trial there for her crime, which will be much less understandingly dealt with in her home country than it would have been in Germany. The false paradise she must say goodbye to is her German prison.

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Tefvik Baser


Claus Bantzer


Zuhal Olcay, Brigitte Janner, Ruth Olafsdottir, Barbara Morawiecz, Ayse Altan


Tefvik Baser

Director of Photography

Izzet Akay


Renate Merck

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Countries of production

West Germany



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