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Jorge Aguilera

About The Living (Seres humanos)

Edition 2002
80' - 2001 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: Jorge Aguilera With: Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Clarissa Malheiros, Osvaldo Benavides
After the death of six-year-old Dalia, the members of her family find ways of eluding the pain: Dulce, the mother, dives heavily into her work; the younger Damián forgets the traumatic episode with the help of therapy; Derek, the father, loses his mind thinking his daughter has only gone away for a trip. Eleven years later, Damián begins a relationship with Fabiana, a girl from school. He unconsciously finds in her a resemblance of his forgotten sister. Damian's confusion frightens off Fabiana, and he is faced again with the pain of the loss suffered years back. Derek, after several loving encounters with Dalia's ghost, can acknowledge that she has now said goodbye for ever. Dulce can no longer elude the memory that has taken over the family, and abandons the television show to be near her husband and son once again. (press kit)

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Jorge Aguilera


Rafael Sánchez Navarro, Clarissa Malheiros, Osvaldo Benavides


Jorge Aguilera, Andrés García Barrios

Director of Photography

Federico Barbabosa


Jorge Aguilera, Jose Alberto Hernandez


Jorge Aguilera, Angeles Castro, Hugo Rodríguez

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