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Rob Nilsson

A Town Has Turned to Dust

Edition 1999
90' - 1998 - Thriller - Dialogue: English
Director: Rob Nilsson Composer: Tim Alexander With: Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Gabriel Olds
In this timeless story, set hundred years in the future when the rest of Earth’s inhabitants have relocated to an asteroid, a group of miners called Dwellers, and Native Americans called Drivers, live in the desert town of Carbon in the midst of a nine-month drought. In this corrupt town, one man makes the rules. Jerry Paul owns the melting company and controls the water supply, thereby controlling the entire population of the town. Hannify, a journalist from the asteroid, is sent to Earth to cover a human interest story about the Drivers, the lower-caste in Carbon, but he soon becomes the observer of a tragic tale.

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Rob Nilsson


Tim Alexander


Stephen Lang, Ron Perlman, Gabriel Olds


Rod Serling

Director of Photography

Mickey Freeman


Josh Peterson


Nelle Nugent, Kenneth Teaton

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Countries of production

United States of America



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