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Fan Cen

A Q zheng zhuan (The True Story of Ah Q)

Edition 1985
125' - 1981 - Drama
Director: Fan Cen Composer: Yunjie Wang With: Shunkai Yan, Wei Li, Yikang Jin
Ah Q is a poor man that looks trivial, lives in small town Wei Zhuang and works as a casual laborer. Though Q is such a man, he always feels good about himself. He often makes trouble, gets himself into it and then gets abused and beaten. But he can make himself satisfied with his "spiritual victory" thoughts at last. Q ultimately is not able to save his life from a tragic ending.

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Fan Cen


Yunjie Wang


Shunkai Yan, Wei Li, Yikang Jin


Baichen Chen, Xun Lu

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Countries of production


Screenplay based on

"The True Story of Ah Q" (Xun Lu)



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