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José A. Zorrilla

A los cuatro vientos (To the Four Winds)

Edition 1988
89' - 1987 - Drama - Dialogue: Spanish
Director: José A. Zorrilla Composer: Carmelo A. Bernaola With: Xabier Elorriaga, Anne-Louise Lambert, Jean-Claude Bouillaud
This film deals with the Spanish Civil War and the destruction of the civilian environment and the personal hopes of the character who serves as the narrative focus of the story: Major Esteban Urkiaga, a writer and a poet in civilian life better known by his pen-name Lauaxeta. The action is set in 1937 as Francoist troops prepare to attack Bilbao after the failure of their offensive against Madrid. In Bilbao, a civilian army poorly armed and even less prepared for war faces the conventional troops of Genera! Mola and their reinforcements consisting of Italian armoured units and the « Condor Legion » sent by Hitler. Major Urkiaga tries to explain the situation to the retired French colonel Monnier, a former member of the General Staff of Marshall Foch and currently military advisor to Basque President Aguirre . During one of his inspections, Urkiaga meets Georgina, a British medical volunteer. This is the beginning of a relationship which reflects their longing for a normal everyday life, which the war makes impossible.

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Ee4e8dff 679a 4aa5 a97e ee22638d0c6a



José A. Zorrilla


Carmelo A. Bernaola


Xabier Elorriaga, Anne-Louise Lambert, Jean-Claude Bouillaud


Ángel Amigo, Arantxa Urretavizcaya, José A. Zorrilla

Director of Photography

José García Galisteo


Pablo G. del Amo


Ángel Amigo

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