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Ferenc Rofusz

A légy (The Fly)

Edition 1981
3' - 1980 - Comedy, Animated film, Short
Director: Ferenc Rofusz
Short film that was shown as a "supporting film" to SITTING DUCKS.

On a clear, yet fateful autumnal morning, a little and restless fly still numb from dawn's chill, flies around in the woods in search of heat and, hopefully, a treat. Fortunately, the insect soon spots an intriguing gleam from a window in a house nearby, and daringly, decides to enter; after all, a human's nest always provides with food and shelter. Without delay, the fly storms inside the house anxious to discover its riches, nevertheless, is she welcome?

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C4fe4083 9d23 4f85 abe5 46337d4222b7
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Ferenc Rofusz


Ferenc Rofusz

Director of Photography

Zoltán Bacsó


János Czipauer


Ferenc Rofusz

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