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Péter Forgács

A Bibo Reader (A Bibó Reader)

69' - 2002 - Documentary - Dialogue: Hungarian
Director: Péter Forgács Composer: Tibor Szemzö, Bela Bartok
In his latest work Péter Forgács presents a poetic overview of the Hungarian plain in the twentieth century, with the use of magically composed, scratched found footage. As before, he collaborates with composer Tibor Szemzö, whose mesmerizing music glides us through Hungarian and Middle European history and landscape. The film brings us closer to the eternal and crystal-clear conclusions of the greatest Hungarian political thinker of the 20th century. István Bibó, philosopher and minister during the 1956 Hungarian revolution, was sentenced to life imprisonment, but later released under an amnesty. He never gave up his faith in freedom. The sensitive rendering of his social and historical analysis and the meditative texts pace this unique film vision from one chapter to the next. The mesmerizing images and sounds offer the viewer something unexpectedly special and profound.

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Péter Forgács


Tibor Szemzö, Bela Bartok


Péter Forgács

Director of Photography

László Ravasz Jr.


Kati Juhász


Péter Forgács

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